14 Jun

Cultivated in the outsides of Antigua Guatemala in Finca Filadelfia since 1870, R. Dalton Coffee produces 6 different types of coffee.

Finca Filadelfia is characterized by having the entire process of coffee from seed to roasted coffee and grounded coffee.


Coffee produced in Filadelfia estate coffee that blends body, aroma and flavor, Genuine Antigua coffee is internationally recognized for its unique features, fragrance and persistent aroma, light, clean and pleasant sweetness. A touch of chocolate and thin and enjoyable body.


HEIGHT. 5.150 to 6700 fasl. (average)
AREA. 115 Ha.
PRODUCTION. 12,000 qq. Maduro.
VARIETY. Bourbon and Caturra.
BRAND. R. Dalton Coffee.


It is the means used to sow the seed, the basic objective is to get Sanasy coffee plants vigorous and high production, this is achieved by selecting seeds to guarantee the desired results. Grafting coffee trees of the species coffee arabica on the pattern of coffee canephora species, robusta variety has proven to be the best method to achieve force.

The preparation of a good seedbed is essential part in the success of future planting. Finca Filadelfia is known for being a producer of the highest quality coffee in Guatemala.

The coffee industry is one of the major economic activities of the country, the lack of adequate information is a problem for farmers and people who intend to establish a plantation because the y do not know how to use the genetic material (FERTILIZERS) purchased for planting. Coffee grown permanently starts producing 3 to 4 years into its life of 40 years production it is given once a year which is called coffee cycle.


BLOOM: It depends on many factors such as the care that you give plants the regularization of the shadow and plant age, we can say that the crop requires abundant irrigation to strengthen the development of fruit.

SHADOW: It is a general need for the coffee plant because it is a protection between the drought, erosion, and wind, and is justified by the increased soil fertility by the fixation of oxygen and nitrogen.

FERTILIZATION: They are absolutely necessary in coffee crops in soils around the world, in recent years liquid fertilizers have appeared in the trade, which applied to the leaves of plants will provide the additional nutrient just as do the solid fertilizers applied to soils.

HARVESTING: Perform selective harvesting of fruits, avoid cutting green beans, they give a bad taste. Do not allow it to pass maturation, undergoes the so-called fruit fermentation, which acquired taste and unpleasant odor and you can not export. Remove pulp daily, use clean bags and baskets, do not mix grains that have been a day earlier at the floor. This part of the process is vital for uniform quality and suitable for the process therefore must always have present the benefits resulting to maintain strict control over the coffee harvesting.

WET BENEFIT: Collection and sorting of the fruit, remove pulp, sorting un-pulped coffee, mucilage removal of pulped coffee, coffee washing, fermentation, rated washing, drying the washed coffee, coffee and dry storage management by products.

DRY BENEFIT: We have a variety of machines that are useful for the transformation of parchment coffee green coffee export, its function is not only removing the husk, you need also to remove defective beans by mechanical processes and depending on the preparation required.

COFFEE STORAGE CELLARS: We have warehouses that are eligible for weather conditions that coffee requires, such as temperature, humidity, on the local environment.

CUPPING LAB: The cupping lab, in which we aim to find and evaluate all the features that define our coffee, we use it to find the features to provide a good coffee. It is important to work in a clean, cool place.


FRAGRANCE. From the roasted and ground beans.
AROMA. Smelling infusion.
FLAVOR. Relationship between acidity and aroma shape the taste of coffee.
BODY. Assessed by the density and texture.
POST-TASTE. After spitting the acquired portion is determined by the extent of the same.

ROASTED AND GROUND: We have high quality technology to give excellent roasting to our coffee in the roasting we achieve the transformation of the chemical properties and physical coffee and produce a tasty roast coffee flavour. In our packaging we have the technology to pack our product in perfect condition.